Black pepper (மிளகு) 100 Grams hover image

Black pepper (மிளகு) 100 Grams

Black pepper is carminative and help s you to better absorb the nutrition from your meals. Tamizhi ..

₹ 55.00

Fennel Seeds (சோம்பு) 100 Grams hover image

Fennel Seeds (சோம்பு) 100 Grams

The aromatic seeds of fennel plants may improve heart health and reduce inflammation.   T..

₹ 25.00

Fenugreek (வெந்தயம்) 100 Grams hover image

Fenugreek (வெந்தயம்) 100 Grams

Less than a teaspoon of fenugreek in your daily diet can improve your overall health, says our nati..

₹ 12.00

Mustard (கடுகு) 100 Grams hover image

Mustard (கடுகு) 100 Grams

Mustard seeds are rich in magnesium and help boost metabolism. Tamizhi ‘s spices are sourced from f..

₹ 10.00

Turmeric Powder (மஞ்சள் தூள்) 100 Grams hover image

Turmeric Powder (மஞ்சள் தூள்) 100 Grams

Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties  are appreciated all over the globe. We take care to s..

₹ 30.00

Cumin Seeds (சீரகம்) 100 Grams hover image

Cumin Seeds (சீரகம்) 100 Grams

Cumin seeds promote pancreatic enzymes and boost energy levels. For generations, Indians have been ..

₹ 25.00

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